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About Us

We are your supplier for a wide range of print jobs. At KM Print, we make exactly the print you want - on exactly the product you choose.

Who are we?


Henrik Bruhn

​Telephone: +45 22 82 40 85

E-mail: henrik@kmprint.dk

Henrik is the daily manager of KM Print. He is always ready to answer any questions you may have. Henrik is always ready to receive good suggestions if you should have any.


Søren Andreasen

Telephone: +45 29176149

E-mail: soren@kmprint.dk

Søren is our production guy. He is head of production of all your products. He is also responsible for development of new products.

Mette og Lisa

Daniel Ragborg

Telephone: +45 40179270

E-mail: daniel@kmprint.dk

Daniel will be doing all the practical work with packaging, shipping, tracking and service & telephone support for you and your customers.

Freja og Kristian

Simone and Kristian

Telephone: +45 24 63 22 21

E-mail: kontakt@kmprint.dk

Simone and Kristian are responsible for solving everything technically on the website. They make sure to implement new suggestions for the website and that it is updated and completely ready for use.

Niel og Ariel


Telephone: +45 24 63 22 21

E-mail: kontakt@kmprint.dk

Ariel handles our graphics department. He can make exactly the graphics you want on your item. Ariel is always ready to help you with design ideas.

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