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We have a lot of machines that allow us to print, engrave, sublime and much more - on almost every conceivable product. You can therefore safely count on that if you have a specific product in mind - then we can refine it in one way or another.

See how we do our job

We have put together a series of videos below so you can see how our machines operate and what they can be used for. If you are in doubt about which products we have in stock, click here.

Textile Print

With our DTG printer, we offer printing on all textiles. It can be printed in any colour you imagine – the quality is top notch

We can print up to 38×42 cm. 


We can also embroider t-shirts, shirts and hoodies in high quality and with many details. 


We also print using the sublimation method, where we heat press on products such as thermoses, cups and mouse pads. 

Poster print

We allow you to print posters and banners in many sizes.

We can print up to 106 cm. in width and all the way down to A5 sizes. 


We have a Roland Metaza engraving machine that can engrave detailed designs and texts in metal surfaces. 

We can engrave up to 8×8 cm. at a time

White Tone Print (TMT)

The white toner printer is used to print white on anything. We use it for our wine bottles, candles and children´s tattoos among other things. 

Milling machine

With our milling machine, we can mill the desired text into a wooden board. Perfect as a gift- or for you who have a quote you particularly like.

UV Print

A UV printer can print on all hard items with a straight surface. We use it for our pop sockets, for example – but it can also be used for a lot of other things.