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KM Print Business

We are your supplier for a wide range of printing jobs. At KM Print, we make exactly the print you want - on exactly the product you choose.
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At KM Print, we are specialized in printing and engraving on a wide range of different materials.

Are you tired of having to pay expensive amounts for a huge batch of promotional items for your business? Then we have the solution!

We start printing when you place an order, as soon as you have placed your order with your desired design on the desired product, we will save your graphics files. In that way it is super easy to place an order the next time and if it is the same product or if it is something else, then we have your files saved.

Many of our products are without the minimum order and start-up fees, so it is easy for you to buy something you have bought before in smaller quantities. An example would be if you got a new employee hired. Then we have already saved your files from your previous purchases, and then it will be easy for us to produce your desired product.

We can make exactly what you like from promotional items for your business. It ranges from workwear to mouse pads with your company logo on.

We have a wide range and if you have a good idea for any promotional items, we are happy to take it with you. There are no limits to what we can do!

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